Sunday, March 17, 2013

My New Website Has Launched!

I have completely redesigned my website. It features surface pattern designs, art for licensing, paintings and pertinent information. I thought I would give a little insight into my design process.

First, I am attracted to all things square. I have patterns that feature squares all over my home - mosaics, fabric on upholstery, open wooden squares form the backs of my kitchen chairs, area rugs with a square get the idea. Several years ago I painted a 4" x 6" wood panel with acrylic squares for no other reason than I could. It seemed fun and who knows what it might become! It did end up as the front of our 2007 Christmas card, but I keep the small piece on view in my studio because I like the colors and the kinetic movement it possesses.

I wanted my site to showcase my pen and ink drawings as well as my paintings. I routinely combine the two when designing patterns on my computer. So I took a page of one of my sketchbooks that I think is full of life and represents the marvelous results when the right side of my brain and my hand are engaged one on one.

When your eyes are traveling around this page, you will see the icons I used in the header of this blog and my web pages, along with the squares from the painting. Hope you enjoy perusing my website and check back on the blog - thanks!